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Online Therapy Groups

How will online group therapy help me?

Online therapy groups offer the opportunity to connect with a small number of people who experience similar difficulties, within a supportive safe setting from the comfort of your home.


What are the benefits of online group therapy?

• Groups offer a unique space to safely explore aspects of your experience, culture and identity others.
• Safe place to talk about the ups and downs in your life.
• Learn from one another.
• Receive supportive feedback about how we are experienced by others.
• Grow in confidence, lessen isolation and feel heard.
•The group is support from a registered therapist.
• You can do it from anywhere that is quiet and private (e.g. from your car, office or living room).
• No travel time!

Days, fees and details.

• The bereavement group meets on Wednesday mornings at 11am.
• Sessions cost £22 and last for 75 minutes.
• Each group has a maximum of 6 members so there is time for each person to be heard.
• It is open ended meaning it continues weekly.
• Minimum suggested commitment to attend 6 Group sessions though you can continue attending for as long as you wish.
• The only caveat is that you give a 2 session notice when you wish to leave so that the group can adjust.
• When someone decides to leave, the space is offered to the next person on the waiting list. Each group member also attends one monthly individual therapy session.

Group therapy is not a support group, it expects all members to commit to weekly attendance, ‘drop in’ attendance is strongly discouraged as this impacts the whole group.

The group meets on Zoom which is available to use on most devices including laptops, desktop, tablets and smart phones. You will need privacy, quiet, a reliable internet connection and headphones so the group’s confidentiality is maintained.

To join a group or suggest a new one please use my contact page.